Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rain, Rain, And More Rain! Part 3

Yes, it is still raining.....and thunderstorms.......and hailing.......and 50 mph winds!

My poor greenhouse. After a horrible night of heavy rain and gusty wind that sounded like a train coming through the house, I discovered that almost half the panels of my greenhouse are ripped off and thrown all over our property. Luckily, they were not too damaged and could be reinstalled on the greenhouse frame.Incredibly, all my starts and plants inside were not damaged at all!!
I was too upset and it was raining too hard to take pictures of the damaged greenhouse. Hubby and I straightened the frame, replaced the panels, and the greenhouse looked great AGAIN.....

I say again because the greenhouse had another bad experience about a month ago, this time my sweet horse Dusty was the cause. It seems that when she was in the same pasture as the greenhouse, she got the great idea that the greenhouse would make a wonderful scratching post for her itchy hide. I did take a picture of that damage, take a look!

Hubby and I straightened the frame and panels to make it look as good as new.

My poor little greenhouse!

The weather forecast is for more rain this weekend and then a full week of sun, I cannot wait!


Ron T. O. Geezer said...

Hello Daisy

I think everyone in the country is looking forward to Springtime and some nice sunny days :-)

By the way,

Thank you for becoming a follower of The Old Geezer Blog :-)

I'm sorry that I am unable to return the favor at this time because of a glitch I'm having in my friends connect gadget. I'm not sure why but I keep receiving this error message when I click on the follow button:

"We're sorry...We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later."

I'm working on the problem with Google and hope to have it fixed soon. If you have any suggestions how to fix it please email me at -

Take care and have a nice day :-)


sherryocala said...

Daisy, thanks for following my blog. Since I've always been a city person, your farm life has tweeked my interest in a good way. Your chickens sound great. I buy my eggs from a friend who has chickens - and also two horses and a pony. I only have a Brittany dog, Ellie...and lots and lots of roses. Look forward to reading more about your gardening. Hope the rain eases up for you. Rain is good, but deluges are not.

Bob West said...

Very Interesting blog. I am now a follower. I thought you might want to check out Paradox Principles as well.
All the best, Bob West

Dar said...

Good Morning. I am so glad to have found you. Yes, Mother Nature is up to her old tricks again in all parts of the country. You have a nice sized greenhouse there., and I'm thinking I might be a bit jealous. LOL
I am becoming a follower to see your progress. Please feel free to click on my cabin profile pic and stop for a visit. Love your horse, I have a Dusty too but he is father to a couple of my 11 GrandLoves. My daughter, however, is a horse nut from way back. Hope to see you soon.

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