Monday, April 11, 2011

Time For Our Trip!

Given that our pasture is way too empty, this trip could not come at a better time!

We have been anxiously waiting for this time to come! We are going to Okinawa for 2 weeks to visit our son, daughter in law, and 2 adorable grand kids. This will be a great adventure I am sure!

Now, I am the type of person who does not like to fly, so I am nervous about such a long trip but cannot wait to get there to see my family.

I will take lots of pictures and try to post them while we are there. I hear that the gardens there are so beautiful. Of course, most pictures will be of the grand babies I am sure!

I have been rushing around the garden since it stopped raining  to get my spring veggie garden in before we leave. Besides having lots and lots of starts in the greenhouse, I direct planted several veggies outside. It is a crap shoot for sure........if we have a late frost while we are gone, they will be damaged, yet if I wait until we get home, I will be way behind on my planting and harvest time. Since I have new paying clients for veggie/fruit/egg boxes starting in May ( YAY!!!!!!) I had no choice.
 We will see what happens! And of course, nervous about relying on automatic drip for new seedlings. I am very fortunate to have a dear friend who takes care of all our animals and will make sure everything is watered correctly while we are gone. we go!      Sayonara!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Well, I was going to title my next blog.... " And then it was 83 " because we had rainy cold weather and then BAM! it was 83 degrees and beautiful.....but I will continue with that subject in another post after I share something very important to me.

Dusty, my sweet horse died Wednesday. I am heartbroken to say the least. She was my "cowgirl pardner" , confidant, best friend besides my husband. She taught me to try new things outside my comfort zone, to take chances, to relax and just be in the moment. When we went for a trail ride, she always had to be up front, move out fast. I had to keep my mind in the moment, to always listen, and just enjoy her and the surroundings.
I was blessed to have her at home instead of boarding her. With that came responsibility, twice a day, no matter what, I had to go out there to feed her. I was ALWAYS rewarded with a loud whinny telling me she was glad to see me and hurry up with the feed.
She loved me. She always wanted to be as close as she could get to me, to lower her head to my chest, to follow me around in the pasture, she would even leave her food to follow me and give me her "hug" on my chest. It has become unbearable to go out back and look at a empty paddock and pasture.
I miss her terribly. I swore I heard her whinny today when I ventured out to water.

I know time will heal me but I will always miss my Dusty. Thank you for being my friend and loving me so much. You were the best pony a girl could ever want.
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