Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rain, Rain, And More Rain! Part 2

Well.....we have been getting rain for oh, about 5 days straight and the forecast calls for more rain all next week. In fact, they are forecasting over 3" of rain in the next 2 days.
The weather is so crazy that Santa Rosa had a tornado touch down at a landscape company and destroyed some buildings. Luckily, no one was hurt! We don't have tornadoes in Northern California!

This morning we had a big hail storm also. I am ready for Spring which will be here officially tomorrow.
This is a picture of our view from our kitchen window today with all the rain we have had the past couple of days. Can you see the pair of Geese enjoying the pond?

This is the same view last year in May.

So...I guess I should remember with all this rain will come lots of wild flowers and green grass for the horses to nap in and for us to enjoy.

Yesterday we bought a used second refrigerator for the garage to house all the eggs I have been getting lately. The rain seems to not stop the girls from doing their job!


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