Thursday, October 24, 2013

La Coop Grand Hotel....Part 2

Way back in March of 2012 , I blogged ( and bragged ) about the great deal I bought via Craigslist. I scored a huge shed that was dismantled for $50!

My husband and his military buddies rebuilt the shed for my new chicken coop. This is what it looked like after they reconstructed the shed.

And this is another angle.

What a great shed, soon to become the chicken coop of my dreams, for $50!!

Now for the next phase of completion I needed help. I knew exactly who to ask for help.
My oldest granddaughter, Big E, and her best friend, Nicole. They are so cute together and inseparable.

Of course,  they were excited and happy to help me complete the chicken coop. So on a cold, foggy morning they got to work painting murals on the chicken coop. I gave them all sorts of different color paints, brushes, and told them they could paint anything they wanted to.

I could not have asked for cuter pictures of my chickens!
But the best part was their self portraits that they painted on one end with flowers, grass, and of course, BFF in big letters.

Notice the matching raincoats. Not because it was raining, it was to keep them warm AND keep their clothes paint free.....

We all had a blast that day, putting the finishing touches to the La Coop Grand Hotel. I also have special memories and murals to remember that day every time I go see my girls !

Thanks to Nicole (on the left above ) and to Big E, my sweet granddaughter, for a very special day and all your hard work to make my chicken coop one of a kind!!


mail4rosey said...

The blog looks great, I like the checks on the side.

The matching raincoats are not only practical for warmth and keeping paint off, they're also cute. :)

Visiting today from the bloody mary hop.

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