Monday, November 4, 2013

Going To Bloglovin!

Good Morning!

I have been busy on the computer the last few days working with a wonderful blog designer who is helping me spruce up my blog site as well as my new Etsy shop. I am so excited about all the new changes! I will write about Jane, my blog designer, and all that she has done for me later.

Now, back to me being busy on the computer. Trying to connect all the social medias together, creating new accounts, getting expert advice from my oh so smart daughter-in-law has my head spinning!
 As you can probably tell, I am not the most literate computer person. When I get stuck or do something unintentionally devastating while working on my computer, I always cry HELP to my go to guy, my 17 year old resident grandson/techie/ all round great kid.

So, I get great advice from the above mentioned daughter-in-law when I asked her about the best blog host site to be on. DIL suggested Bloglovin which has expanded her followers on her blog, Ramblings Of A Marine Wife , by quite a bit when she changed host sites.
 I am on Blogspot and like it but I am not getting the exposure or followers I would like. I set up an account, great. Now to finish and become a member I must post a blog about Bloglovin with the following link. So here goes...........

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Let's hope that this works! Before you feel cheated that there is nothing remotely connected to gardening or any pictures in this post, I promise another post soon about Pumpkins. I promise!

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Hi found you on the bloody mary hop. I am on bloglovin too. Fine place to be I think. Keep up the good work.

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