Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Decor

 Today I am trying to stay inside and is SO hard to do this simple thing when the sun is so sunshiny and I know that rainy, cold weather will be here before you know it. And there is SO much to do outside.

Besides, the new, organized me has this plan to clean house on Fridays so that I have all weekend to do fun stuff.
Well.....the day is half over and nothing has been dusted, wiped, vacuumed. Sure, the laundry is done, the stack of papers that needed to filed are filed. Yay.

So to make this day of cleaning more fun, I am still in my jammies and I decided to try my hand at a Fall centerpiece on the dining table. For inspiration I visited some of my favorite blogs. There are so many talented people out there!

Take for example, one of my favorites, Farmhouse 5540. I love her style! And sure enough, there is a post about dressing up your Autumn dining table.

 So pretty!!!

Now, here is my version. I tried it this way first........

Decided I did not like this, so this is my final version.

Much better I think since we still need to use the table. What I learned from this experiment is that while I really love my camera, I do not know how to use it besides "auto" and "point and click". And in person, my dressing up our dining table, looks so much better than in these pictures.

  What a I am now going to start doing this in my spare time.

 Would you believe it? My sweet husband bought me the online class for a birthday present, last February!
I know, procrastination is one of those things I want to shed, hey, at least I am going to do it before my next birthday!

You should check out Kevin, Josh, and Nick at their cool website for online camera classes. And while you are at it, check out Kevin and his wife, Layla's blog, The Lettered Cottage. Wonderful.

So, before the day is completely gone, I think I will start vacuuming.

Have a great weekend!


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