Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Frost

Scurrying around covering all my tender plants, citrus trees, potted plants last night before the first frost of the year. With that and the time change on Sunday, I am definitely changing gears full time now.
It's hard to change gears, besides I love to procrastinate, when it was sunny and hovering around 70 degrees a couple of days ago!
Anyway, everything is covered and safe for now. Inside the house, I remind my husband that the beautiful new greenhouse has not been completed yet and I need it yesterday! He shakes his head and quietly chuckles at my urgency.......he is thinking about my procrastination, I just know he is! He promises me that next weekend he will try to complete it.
Maggie's Garden has been a life long dream of mine and it is soooo close I can taste it!
 How wonderful that I can realize my dream and actually give it a go! I am truly blessed!

Garden Hint: Give yourself and your plants, especially your roses a shot of potassium. Eat a banana a day, save the peel, and bury it close to the base of any plant that needs potassium to thrive. You both will feel better for it!


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