Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello there!

I have been inspired by my daughter in law to start blogging.I love reading her blog everyday.
I hope that you visit often and enjoy my page.
I will be writing about the daily life on our little farm.
Be patient with me while I learn the ways of blogging. Here I go!
My husband and I finished putting the tin roof on the  outside chicken coop today after work. Actually, he was up there doing all the work, screwing the roof panels down. I would occasionally walk over to ask if he needed help and he would always say "no, maybe later".
This is from the same man who swore that we would not have chickens since they were "too much work". Bless his heart, he can never say no to me when he knows that I really want something. The way I went about getting the chickens in the first place was pretty underhanded I must say. While he was deployed to Iraq for 8 months, I proceeded to build a large chicken coop (with help from a neighbor). When we would talk on the phone, he would always ask me what I was up to. I would just tell him I was keeping very busy around our property, building and growing "things". He assumed I only meant flowers , vegetables, and structures to house plants in. Hah! Once the coop was completed, I told him what I had built.....too late to say no to chickens! So, after 17 years of hearing "no chickens", I started my beloved flock of various breeds of chickens. 4 years later and I believe that he is enjoying them as much as me even if he would never admit it!


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