Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feels Like Spring To Me.........

The air is cold but the sun is out and my daffodils believe that it is at least late March.
The fruit trees are budding out and will explode with blossoms this week with all this sunny weather. Just in time for the rain to knock all those blooms off if the weather man is correct about NEXT week!
Speaking of fruit trees, this past weekend I planted 6 more. I picked out different types of trees this time, not just the good old standbys. I picked 2 Cherry trees, a Pluot ( which my oldest grandson loves), a Babcock Peach, a hybrid peach/nectarine tree that I never heard of, and an Almond tree. It will be fun to watch them grow and which ones will do well. I also tried a new way to plant them. Since we live in a flood plane and trees generally struggle because of the clay soil, standing water in the winter, and the monster Gophers we have, I planted them in heavy duty wire baskets ON top of the existing soil. Hmmmmm......they look really funny now but my neighbor who is a Master Gardner swears by this method. First I placed the large wire basket on top of the existing soil, filled the basket about half full of my best black compost, placed the tree and tree stake on top of this, then filled up and around the basket with horse poop/shavings. To hold it all together, I then built a wooden bed around the perimeter.

We will see how this works. I look at my neighbor's trees and they are flourishing!
Notice the new barn in the back without a roof or paint job? That is the new and improved HUGE chicken coop.
I will tell you all about it in the next blog. Until then, enjoy the nice weather before winter returns.


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