Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catch Up! Part Two

A couple of things I forgot to include yesterday regarding the trip to Okinawa's Orchid Botanical Garden........the name of the place!  
  Tropical Dream Center  
And of course, I could not forget to add this picture....can you find my son?

Where's Waldo?

As  you enter this huge complex, they have all these great looking animal structures made out of flowers....check them out!

We also went to Omoro Arboretum which is an example of a traditional Okinawan village. There were so many interesting things to experience here!Two of my personal favorites were;
the traditional Okinawa singing and dancing shows with the colorful traditional outfits and.....

 the fun that my grandson and I had painting our own ceramic Shiisaa, which is a lion-dog statue that is an Okinawan charm against evil. These statues, big and small, can be seen all over the island, they are located on the roof of just about every house, to ward off any evil coming to the house.

More pictures from Okinawa in the next post, back to the home front.........

Our 14 year old dog and my constant companion, Blue, really missed us while we were gone so he really stuck like glue to me as I work in the garden, only to keep a watchful eye on me if we were separated by a fence.

The girls are really enjoying the extending daylight hours and are doing a great job laying eggs for my customers, once daylight savings was upon us, they really went crazy with the egg production!

 The promise of lots of fruit this year happened at this time also........

 The Geraniums started to bloom.........

 As did the weeds! Notice the Jack Rabbit, who thanks to Blue, do not bother my garden as much as I feared they would. Good job Blue!

Stay tuned.... I am trying to catch up as fast I can. I have some great pictures of Maggie's Garden to show you thanks to my 14 year old grandson who is fast becoming a talented photographer and some funny mystery stories to tell.


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