Monday, April 11, 2011

Time For Our Trip!

Given that our pasture is way too empty, this trip could not come at a better time!

We have been anxiously waiting for this time to come! We are going to Okinawa for 2 weeks to visit our son, daughter in law, and 2 adorable grand kids. This will be a great adventure I am sure!

Now, I am the type of person who does not like to fly, so I am nervous about such a long trip but cannot wait to get there to see my family.

I will take lots of pictures and try to post them while we are there. I hear that the gardens there are so beautiful. Of course, most pictures will be of the grand babies I am sure!

I have been rushing around the garden since it stopped raining  to get my spring veggie garden in before we leave. Besides having lots and lots of starts in the greenhouse, I direct planted several veggies outside. It is a crap shoot for sure........if we have a late frost while we are gone, they will be damaged, yet if I wait until we get home, I will be way behind on my planting and harvest time. Since I have new paying clients for veggie/fruit/egg boxes starting in May ( YAY!!!!!!) I had no choice.
 We will see what happens! And of course, nervous about relying on automatic drip for new seedlings. I am very fortunate to have a dear friend who takes care of all our animals and will make sure everything is watered correctly while we are gone. we go!      Sayonara!!!!!!


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