Monday, December 6, 2010

Day Dreaming Again

Here I go again, working my day job, dreaming of "retirement" and going full time with Maggie's Garden. It seems that since I made the BIG decision to give it a go, people have been walking into my life with news, encouragment, advice, and great ideas.
 Today I met a nice old rancher named Gary who by accident was at a jobsite I was working at this morning. We started our conversation talking about drainage at this particular site. Before you knew it, we were talking veggies, eggs, apples, honey, and which Farmer's Markets in our area would work best for what I sell. He has been doing Farmer's Markets for years and had some great tips.
So.....I am off into my fantasies about growing things and selling them to people who enjoy fresh flowers, eggs, fruits, and veggies while trying to stay focused on my day job. In fact, my afternoon break is over and back to reality I go!


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